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We believe in defiance and taking risks. Seeing how far we can go and what we can achieve is in our blood. We trust in the Hive, a collective of likeminded athletes. We strive to create and innovate, setting new standards by challenging the fitness market status quo. We want to make the greatest tools for you to craft the best version of yourself. But in the end it is not about our apparel, gear or supplements – It is about what you accomplish with them.



Gymhive was founded in 2015 with the vision to challenge the fitness market status quo. For over a year we have been developing our first product with countless samples. We only accept perfection. Gymhive will sell gym gear for example weight lifting belts, wristwraps and pulling straps. Made to enhance your workouts. All made from the absolute best possible materials.

Gymhive will also sell fitness apparel, clothing made from great fabrics mixtures. We will sell t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, shorts, caps, socks, tracksuits, pullovers, tights and much more.

One of our most impressive accomplishments is our range of supplements. For over two years we have been working on our pre-workout called Dunderhonung, which Gymhive owns full exclusive rights to. Pre-workout is also called pwo. We will later in 2016 release many supplements like creatine, minerals, vitamins, protein, amino acids, aminos, bcaa, bcaas, eea in both pill and powder form, all of them with transparent formulas and great flavors. Made to help you build and gain muscle.

We will also sell liquid chalk to help you improve your grip during workouts.